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Hello. I’m Achim Nowak, Executive Coach, Author, Mastermind Convener and host of the My Fourth Act Podcast. If life is a 5-act play, what will you do in your 4th act? Your childhood conflicts have been resolved. The big dramas of life are behind you. Most importantly, you’re not ready to stop.

Join me as I speak with exceptional humans who have created bold and unexpected 4th acts. Listen and be inspired. Rate and subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on. Welcome.

Season 2 | Episode 53 | 39 minutes

When All The Dots In Life Begin To Connect

Why I return to the ancient spiritual texts. What my mom and my son are teaching me about resilience. How I started to connect the many invisible dots in life.

My Conversation with

Faisal Hoque

Ozlem Brooke Erol

ENCORE PRESENTATION: If you’re a business thinker, you’re lucky if you have 1 bona fide bestseller in your lifetime. Faisal Hoque has had 2 in just 2022!

Faisal Hoque is a noted thought leader, serial entrepreneur, technology innovator and advisor to CEOs, Board of Directors and the US government. I spoke with Faisal this spring when his book “Lift – Fostering the Leader In You Amid Revolutionary Global Change” became a USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller. In June, Fast Company reissued a new edition of Hoque’s 2014 bestseller “Everything Connects.” It promptly became another Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller this summer.

Faisal has his pulse on our changing times. He deftly reminds us that modern life is best lived at the intersection of technology, innovation, humanity and mindfulness. This is the intersection where all the dots, indeed, start to connect. Faisal also kindly contributed the Foreword to my book “The Moment.”

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