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Hello. I’m Achim Nowak, Executive Coach, Author, Mastermind Convener and host of the My Fourth Act Podcast. If life is a 5-act play, what will you do in your 4th act? Your childhood conflicts have been resolved. The big dramas of life are behind you. Most importantly, you’re not ready to stop.

Join me as I speak with exceptional humans who have created bold and unexpected 4th acts. Listen and be inspired. Rate and subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on. Welcome.

Season 2 | Episode 69 | 44 minutes

How I Became An Eminent Maricon

Why love is what endures. How I came to write historical novels. What I cherish about teaching young writers. Why I long for the gifts of companionship.

My Conversation with

Jaime Manrique

Ozlem Brooke Erol

Jaime Manrique is a Colombian-born novelist, poet, essayist, and translator who writes both in English and Spanish. The Washington Post hailed him as “the preeminent Gay Latino writyer of his generation.” His work has been translated into fifteen languages and includes the novels Latin Moon in Manhattan, Twilight at the Equator, Our Lives Are the Rivers, and Cervantes Street; as well as the memoir Eminent Maricones: Arenas, Lorca, Puig, and Me.

Jaime’s honors include Colombia’s National Poetry Award, a 2007 International Latino Book Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Bill Whitehead Award from the Publishing Triangle. Jaime lives in Manhattan’s West Village and is a distinguished lecturer in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures at the City College of New York.

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