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Hello. I’m Achim Nowak, Executive Coach, Author, Mastermind Convener and host of the My Fourth Act Podcast. If life is a 5-act play, what will you do in your 4th act? Your childhood conflicts have been resolved. The big dramas of life are behind you. Most importantly, you’re not ready to stop.

Join me as I speak with exceptional humans who have created bold and unexpected 4th acts. Listen and be inspired. Rate and subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on. Welcome.

Season 1 | Episode 16 | 40 minutes

When Your Mind Switches To WHY NOT NOW

What happens when we decide to travel in multiple lanes? How do we shift from I WILL DO THIS WHEN I RETIRE to WHY NOT NOW? What are the rewards of being a Contrarian?

My Conversation with
Kent Schwendy

Kent Schwendy, 53, is an Engineer, former US Air Airforce Captain, Champion for Sustainable Housing, and a Beekeeper. As the CEO of a non-profit in Hartford/CT, the Corporation for Independent Living, Kent helps to create and sustain affordable, accessible and independent housing. The apiary in the back of his garden is home to half a million bees. Kent is also completing the first draft of a historical novel.  And he just started teaching a course on beekeeping at Cornell University.

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