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Hello. I’m Achim Nowak, Executive Coach, Author, Mastermind Convener and host of the My Fourth Act Podcast. If life is a 5-act play, what will you do in your 4th act? Your childhood conflicts have been resolved. The big dramas of life are behind you. Most importantly, you’re not ready to stop.

Join me as I speak with exceptional humans who have created bold and unexpected 4th acts. Listen and be inspired. Rate and subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on. Welcome.

Season 2 | Episode 62 | 37 minutes

How I Became A Tibetan Buddhist Nun

The beauty of the Buddhadharma practices. What happens when attachment begins to melt away. The gifts of changing our view. How I continue to learn new things after 40 years of serving as a lama.

My Conversation with

Lama Karma Chötso

Ozlem Brooke Erol
Lama Karma Chötso is a fully ordained Tibetan Buddhist lama. She began to study and practice the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in 1982 after meeting Dorje Chang Kalu Rinpoche in New York City. She took refuge with him there, and 4 years later he ordained her as a novice nun. In 1986, Lama Karma Chötso entered a three-year, three-month meditation retreat held in strict seclusion.

Lama Karma Chötso’s sangha, the Open Awareness Buddhist Center, convenes at a beautiful sanctuary in the El Portal section of Miami which it calls home. Her extensive community work includes having served as professional volunteer Service Chaplain for Hospice Care in Broward County and teaching meditation and tai qi to inmates at Broward Correctional facility.

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