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Hello. I’m Achim Nowak, Executive Coach, Author, Mastermind Convener and host of the My Fourth Act Podcast. If life is a 5-act play, what will you do in your 4th act? Your childhood conflicts have been resolved. The big dramas of life are behind you. Most importantly, you’re not ready to stop.

Join me as I speak with exceptional humans who have created bold and unexpected 4th acts. Listen and be inspired. Rate and subscribe on whatever platform you’re listening on. Welcome.

Episode 122 | 35 minutes

How A Marine Scientist Became A Pole Dancer

The rewards of not following a script in life. How fear has animated my biggest life leaps. What I loved about being a scientific diver. When pole dancing returned me to a professional show biz career. How being the oldest one in the room has served me.

My Conversation with Paula Ayotte

Ozlem Brooke Erol

Paula Ayotte is a professional dancer, poler, actress, and model. After a career as a dancer in LA in her 20s, Paula left for Hawaii, studied microbiology, combined it with her passion for scuba diving and forged a new career in maritime research, often living on boats for months on end.

When Paula explored pole dancing as a hobby in her 50s, it turned out to be her ticket back to show business. In her late 50s Paula moved back to LA, performed in pole dancing competitions, found instant representation by commercial agents and, more importantly, immediately booked work as an actress, model, and dancer. Now in her early 60s, Paula is an avid pro-aging advocate.

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